Palliative Care Research Forum Northern Ireland Constitution


The overall aim of the Palliative Care Research Forum NI is to encourage collaborative research initiatives and to work together in partnership to make substantive progress in research capacity and the quality of research in palliative care in Northern Ireland.


  1. To develop an enabling infrastructure to support interdisciplinary palliative care research initiatives and ideas that will impact practice, service delivery and policy
  2. To develop expertise in the application of research approaches and methods for palliative care research by facilitating events, training and seminars designed to promote palliative care research
  3. To embed personal and public involvement in partnership working for palliative care research
  4. To support the development of high quality regional, national and international interdisciplinary research proposals that can be translated to improve quality and outcomes in palliative and EOL


  • Individuals are eligible to be members of the Forum if they can demonstrate a genuine interest in the development of palliative care research in Northern Ireland.
  • Membership may be multidisciplinary in nature and reflect both clinical and research.
  • The secretary will be responsible for keeping the  register of members
  • Membership of the forum will be free

Executive Committee

  • The purpose of the executive committee is to oversee, coordinate and plan the work of the forum
  • The executive committee aims to be multidisciplinary in nature and to be representative of the range of voluntary and statutory health care organisations and institutions involved in palliative care research, with a range of clinicians and academics.
  • The committee will consist of a minimum of 6 members comprised of the following offices:
    • Chair
    • Co-chair
    • Co-secretaries
    • Treasurer
    • Communications officer
  • Terms of office will be for a period of 2 years
  • The committee will also consist of a maximum of nine supportive members who may remain on the committee for up to five years
  • The committee will meet approximately 4-6 times per annum
  • A quorum for the executive committee meetings will be a minimum of the Chair or co-chair, secretary and three other members.
  • In the event that a quorum is not reached, those present may hold discussions but any actions that require decisions must be circulated to all committee members for expected response to accept/reject proposed action(s) within one week
  • Committee members must attend a minimum of 50% of  committee meetings  per annum( i.e. 2: 4 or 3:6) otherwise they may be asked to step down

Election of Members to Executive Committee

(1)  All members of the Palliative Care Research Forum NI are eligible to put themselves forward for self-nomination.

(2)  Members may be proposed or self nominated for a role on the committee and must be seconded by another member.

(3) New committee members will be elected at the AGM

(4)  Committee members, at the end of the term are eligible for re-election or may stand down, however they may only hold office for a maximum of two terms of office.

(5)  The two principle members of the committee (chairperson, co- chairperson,) may not stand down at the same time; at least one of these named members must stay on the committee.

(6) Any officer may stand down by giving two months prior notice to the   chairperson. Any member who chooses to stand down is eligible for re-election at a future date. If one of the principle officers stands down during term, the committee will co-op an existing committee member into this post.

Annual General Meeting

Business of the AGM shall be:

  • Chair/Treasurer’s report
  • Election of new committee members (if required)
  • Alteration of constitution ( if required)
  • Future developments


  • All papers for discussion at the executive committee meetings will be sent out at least one week in advance of meetings.
  • The Chair and treasurer will provide reports on the work of the Forum at each AGM
  • The treasurer will provide the committee with updates on expenditure at each committee meeting and at the AGM


  • The PCRFNI is a not for profit forum
  • A minimum charge for attendance at some events may be required to cover the running costs.

Conflict/Declaration of Interest

Committee members or co-opted members shall declare any real or perceived conflict of interest to the chair. The Chair will then rule if this precludes any individual from attending a meeting or participating in the business


The Constitution will be reviewed annually to ensure effectiveness and fitness for purpose. Proposals to amend the constitution  must be discussed with all members of the executive committee before being  tabled at the AGM