Becoming a member of the PCRFNI

We welcome membership of the forum from those with an interest in improving the provision of palliative care in Northern Ireland through high quality research. This includes:

  • Health and social care professionals employed by statutory and charitable sector agencies, who work with in clinical or management roles to support palliative care patients and families in hospital, hospice and community settings across Northern Ireland
  • Lecturers, trainers and researchers from the University Sector
  • Policy and PR professionals with an interest in palliative care
  • Patient and Public Involvement representatives with an interest in palliative care

There is no cost associated with membership and it will recur on an ongoing basis until we are instructed otherwise.

If you wish to remove your forum membership, please get in touch with co-secretaries on the committee

Application Form

    We use your information in the following ways 1) to contact you about upcoming events, and 2) to facilitate the dissemination of your work and research interests through our website in order that you may make professional connections that further palliative care research.

    In order to use your information in this way, we need you to indicate your preferences below. Please read the statements and tick the appropriate box.

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