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The post workshop report can be found here: EMTReK-Workshop-report

Knowledge Transfer and Exchange Workshop

Research Impact: Maximising Knowledge Transfer and Exchange A workshop for palliative care practitioners and researchers #EMTReK

Led by Prof George Kernohan (Ulster) and Assoc Prof Suzanne Guerin (University College Dublin).  Supported by Dr Cathy Payne (Ulster and AIIHPC), Marie McKeon, Project Manager – Knowledge Transfer (AIIHPC) and Dr Mary Rabbitte, Programme Manager (AIIHPC)

The Palliative Care Research Forum NI, together with AIIHPC, delivered a competence-building knowledge transfer and exchange workshop to support palliative care practitioners and researchers with regard to Impact of their studies in Northern Ireland.  The workshop showed how to design and develop a strategic dissemination plan from the outset of palliative care research projects using the evidence-based knowledge transfer and exchange model ‘EMTReK’.

Workshop Learning Objectives were to:

  1. Recognise modern day challenges around research knowledge transfer and exchange
  2. Identify research knowledge dissemination tools available (both traditional and non-traditional)
  3. Understand a knowledge transfer and exchange model for palliative care research (EMTReK)
  4. Practiced application of the EMTReK model to a palliative care research project
  5. Appreciate the importance of periodic dissemination plan evaluation


ALL respondents to the evaluation survey distributed post workshop confirmed they would recommend attending the Knowledge Transfer and Exchange Workshop for Palliative Care Research. Participants’ feedback also included:

‘Very useful workshop – Model is well thought out but most useful was to sit down and consider challenge of KT (Knowledge Transfer). EMTReK is a very useful structure…Really enjoyable and relevant day…. Expanded my understanding of model and interaction with new people was really helpful and stimulating.’

A further opportunity to engage with EMTReK is set for Friday, 7 December 2018 in Limerick

Follow developments using the  twitter hashtag #EMTReK

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